Cast of Boy Meets World: Where Are They Now?

It all started in 1993 when a young boy growing up in Pennsylvania unknowing dug his way into pop culture forever. It’s been 10 years since Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, Shawn Hunter, and Eric Matthews left the airwaves. However, a new generation of “Boy Meets World” fans are emerging.

They are finding the joy in such things as the “Feeny call,” Cory and Shawn’s quriky best friend relationship, and of course, Cory and Topanga’s true love story. The show may be dead, but it will live on in sydication, as it’s storylines and humor are still as relevant today as they ever were. So where are the “Boy Meets World” stars today?

Ben Savage – Cory Matthews

Ben Savage, brother of “Wonder Years” star, Fred Savage, sucked us in as Cory Matthews. The beloved pre-teen who struggled with everyday life, and through his friends and family always seemed to come out on top. Fans watched as Cory grew into a respectable young man, finally marrying the love of his life, Topanga Lawrence.

Since the show’s end in 2000, Savage has graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Political Science. Ben took a three year hiatus from acting, in which he and his father spent and entire Summer following singer Bruce Springsteen on a U.S. tour.

Deciding to jump back into the acting world he has appeared in the TV movies “Making it Legal,” and “Swimming Upstream.” He’s also done a few guest spots on “Chuck,” Without a Trace,” and “Phil of The Future.” Currently, Ben Savage is filming the movie “Doesn’t Texas Ever End?”

Rider Strong – Shawn  Hunter

What’s a TV show without the equally lovable best friend? Rider Strong’s character, Shawn Hunter, was the bad boy with the heart of gold. As Cory’s friend, Shawn had some of the series’ most memorable story lines. As kids Shawn would often get into trouble and find a way out of it with Cory’s help. As a teenager and adult, Rider’s alter ego began dealing with issues such as a broken home, drinking, and the death of his father. However, he came out of it a better person, thanks to his best friend.

Strong graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University in 2004, with a degree in English. In 2009 he was awarded his Master of Fine Arts degree from Bennington College.

After “Boy Meets World” Rider appeared in the horror film “Cabin Fever,” and later made a cameo in the sequel, “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.” He is currently focusing on his writing career, and directing his film, “Irish Twins” which he and his brother, Shiloh wrote together.

Danielle Fishel – Topanga Lawrence

Danielle Fishel played good girl, Topanga Lawrence, Corys longtime love, and later wife. Topanga and Cory’s love story is one of the most cherished thing to “Boy Meets World” fans all over the globe.

Fishel is now the host of Style Network’s “The Dish,” a TV show which blasts the latest celebrity and pop culture news. In 2006, Danielle appeared on the Tyra Banks show to show off her dramatic weight loss, and talk about becoming a spokesperson for the Nutrisystem weight loss program.

Danielle has also appeared in films such as,  “Longshot,” “National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze” and its sequel and “Gamebox 1.0.” Fishel is famous for dating a couple of her “Boy Meets World” co-stars, such as Ben Savage and Matthew Lawrence. She also briefly dated former ‘NSYNC member Lance Bass, who was her date to her high school prom. Bass later came out of the closet as a homosexual.

Will Friedle – Eric Matthews

Perhaps the funniest of all the cast members, Will Friedle played Cory’s big brother, Eric Matthews. Whether he was shouting out the “Feeny Call” or making us laugh with his silly jokes and innocent naiveness.

Since his stint on the show, Will has voiced cartoon characters such as Ron Stoppbable on Disney’s “Kim Possible,” and Blue Beetle in “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” In 1997 he famously dated actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. In 2006 he told People Magazine he was thinking of attending culinary school.

William Daniels – Mr. George Feeny

Mr Feeny. As the gang’s teacher, principal, and later college professor, William Daniels’ character of George Feeny followed the gang everywhere. He even lived right next door to the Matthews Family.

Yes, Mr. Feeny saw Cory, Eric, Shawn, and Topanga through almost every hardship in their lives, teaching them valuable lessons along the way.

Daniels, now 82-years-old, has had a few minor roles in “King of Queens,” “Boston Legal,” “The Benchwarmers,” and “Blades of Glory.”  However, it’s his role as Mr. Feeny that he will be most warmly remembered for.

William Russ and Betsy Randle – Alan and Amy Matthews

Yes, Cory, Eric, and Morgan Matthews had great parents. As the Alan and Amy Matthews, William Russ and Betsy Randle were every kids’ dream parents. They helped their children solve their problems using humor, disipline, and love.

Since his “Boy Meets World” role, William Russ has guest starred on “Deadwood,” “Wildfire,” and “Boston Legal.” However, he currently has a recurring role on the hit daytime soap opera, “The Young and the Restless.” Russ is alway a married father.

Betsy Randle, decided to retire from acting after her “Charmed” role in 2004. She now lives with her husband and children in California.

Blake Clark – Chet Hunter

Blake Clark played Chet Hunter on “Boy Meets World,” The mostly absentee father of Shawn and Jack, until his character was killed off by a heart attack. The death of their father left Shawn and Jack in very bad places in their life, later bringing them closer than ever as half brothers.

Clark is still a working actor and has appeared in many projects such as “Community,” “”I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,” “50 First Dates,” “Eight Crazy Nights,” “Mr. Deeds,” and “Toy Story 3.”


Trina McGee – Angela Moore

Trina McGee joined the cast in the later seasons. She portrayed Shawn’s love interest, Angela Moore. Angela and Topanga quickly became best friends, as they lived to double date with Cory and Shawn. Trina’s character was a deep thinker, and very passionate about life, music, and art.

Anglea and Shawn had their ups and downs, finally reconcilling. In the series finale, Moore decides to spend a year living with her father in Europe. The show never went on to announce whether Shawn and Angela’s relationship ever worked out.

After guest spots on shows such as “Family Matters,” “A Different World,” “So Little Time” and “The Sinbad Show.” Trina McGee now spends most of her time with her family. Trina, who was previously married to Courtland Davis, now currently in a relationship with actor Marcello Thedford (“Dangerous Minds”) and lives in the San Fernando Valley with him and her three children.

Matthew Lawrence – Jack Hunter

Matthew Lawrence, brother of actor, Joey Lawrence joined “Boy Meets World” in 1997 as Shawn’s long lost half brother, Jack Hunter. Jack soon became the best friend of Eric Matthews, Cory’s big brother. After the show ended Matthew went on to star in many movies such as “The Hot Chick,” and “Jumping Ship.”

He became engaged to girlfriend Heidi Mueller in 2004, but the two later split up. He was also rumored to have dated Cheryl Burke from “Dancing With the Stars.” He currently lives in the Los Angeles area aspires to become a zoologist.

Anthony Tyer Quinn – Mr. Johnathan Turner

Mr. Turner appeared on the series when Cory, Shawn, and Topanga hit middle school. He was the young and good looking English teacher, that shared a special bond with Shawn. In fact, when Shawn’s father left for months at a time to look for his wife, Shawn lived with Mr. Turner.

Fans often wonder what became of Mr. Turner as the was in a motorcyle accident and then mysteriously left the show.  Quinn has had recurring roles on several television series’ including “Melrose Place,” “Party of Five,” and “Caroline in the City.” Most recently he has had guest spots on shows such as “The Mentalist” and “House, M.D.”

Maitland Ward – Rachel McGuire

Maitland Ward’s character, Rachel McGuire, was one of the last to join the cast, not appearing until the college years of the series in 1998. Rachel was the tall redhead who finds herself living with Jack and Eric after a messy break up with her boyfriend.

Both Jack and Eric instantly have crushes on her, and constantly compete for her affection. At the end of the series, Rachel and Jack, who previously dated and then broke up, headed off to the Peace Corps together.

Since “Boy Meets World” Ward has had guest roles on shows like “Boston Public” and “Rules of Engagement.” She also co-starred in “White Chicks” with the Wayans brothers. Ward is now happily married is set to return to her former role as Jessica Forrester on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”